Autoimmune Coverage and Expertise

Treatment choice in autoimmune diseases is continually growing. Biologics are firmly established across many indications and expanding into new ones, building on the early success of anti-TNFs and boosted by development of new mechanisms of action.

For the first time however, biologic originators face direct competition from both biosimilars – as physicians seek to treat moderate to severe patients using less expensive therapy without compromising efficacy – and new oral treatments which seek to occupy a pre-biologic position in the market.

As a result, autoimmune indications face potential treatment saturation.  Despite this, clear unmet needs remain among both physicians and patients.  Such challenges are driving an increasingly acute need amongst pharmaceutical companies to develop brands with a clear competition differentiation.

Our portfolio of autoimmune Disease Specific Programmes™ provides real-world insights and evidence in support of developmental and existing therapies across 11 disease areas covering rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology and nephrology.  In addition they recognise and reflect ongoing changes from traditional physician-centric approaches to disease management, to more patient-centric ones.